Program Pause and Zone Skip

I’ve had my new Iro for about a week and its been fantastic. Installation and setup were a snap and version 1.5 of the app is great.

I’d like to suggest that the team consider adding two control features to a future release:

a) the ability to pause a watering program and
b) the ability to skip zones in a program.

From what I can tell so far, it is not possible to pause either a set (automated) program or a manual program.
The user can only interrupt (stop) a program and doing so cancels out the program completely.
Ditto for skipping a zone during a program. I can’t see anyway to accomplish this without interrupting the current program completely.

Both of these functions would be really useful (for example, to temporarily increase water pressure for another use or prevent an outdoor chair from getting soaked) and a program interruption means either that your lawn misses some water or gets more water than intended.

If I’m missing something, please shout!

In any case, the Iro is really great - thanks for developing a really useful product.


@jamesc‌ If you go to Watering Times --> Select a Watering Time --> Enabled. You can enable or disable a certain watering time. Also, from the main dashboard you can tap the cloud icon to set a rain delay for 1-7 days. The other feature is pausing the whole device. Iro Settings --> Sleep Mode --> On. We currently don’t support skipping zones in a program. Let me know if you have any more questions or feedback, always appreciated. Thanks!

Thanks for the comment!
I’m aware of both of those app features and I’m sure I’ll make use of them at some point.

I should clarify my “pause” suggestion: It would be great if an Iro watering program could be paused during an active cycle. Right now it appears the user can only interrupt a cycle and restart it from the beginning.

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@jamesc‌ Ah got it. That does seem useful. I will put it into our product backlog. No guarantees when this will be added, but it is definitely something we will incorporate. Seems like there could be multiple uses for this.

@jamesc‌ This functionality is finished and exposed through the public API. Hopefully in our next mobile release (not 1.8) we can expose it.

Will the 2.0 have this feature? Just installed my new irrigation system and it’s frustrating :rage: :hocho: :scream: having to start from the beginning every time I adjust/switch out nozzles on my rotors. This feature would be very handy when setting up a new system and if I was installing new systems again commercially, it would be imperative.

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Sorry, at one point we had it in, but it started to become unmanageable. It will not be in 2.0


Do Button by IFTTT seems to support pause, resume, and skip zone.

I want to remove those as they are difficult to support, since you can’t view through our UI.

I’d recommend not using them.

I have an idea for a new IFTTT trigger, which should actually satisfy every foreseeable future request :wink:

More details to come.


Another vote to implement an option for pause/resume and skip zone. I know that there have been a number features incorporated into 2.0, just surprised that there is no ability to do this (yet!).

I had to stop the program this morning as several of my active sprinkler heads would get disrupted by a gate when this is opened to leave the house. It was a pain to figure out how to pick up the program midway where it left.

Looking forward to a solution.

Thanks for all your great efforts on this device.

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I would like to see this feature as well both in the App and possibly incorporated into IFTTT. Would be nice have triggers to Pause an active cycle and then Resume at some future point.

I’d like to see the Pause feature added too. Just had to stop a cycle so the A/C tech could maintenance the unit. Now I have to restart the entire cycle again…won’t be saving any $$$$ today…

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To give another example on where the pause feature would be helpful: This morning my dog woke up early and the sprinklers were on near where he goes outside and it would have been nice to be able to hit pause for 10 minutes when he went out… Perhaps have a manual pause (and/or an adjustable pause timer for X minutes), on the app screen that shows how many minutes are left on the cycle and has the big stop button. Thanks.


+1 here for the pause feature! Please add if possible.


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I really would love the pause/resume feature. It looks like it was worked on at some time. Would someone from Rachio provide status of the feature request?


@lwchen This feature has not been implemented yet. It’s a great feature request and I do hope to get it in the software in the future.


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Those two options would be very useful. Pausing a zone or skipping a zone. Actually advancing a zone. Like have a zone run 5 minutes and than have the option to bump to the next one. ( good for winterizing )

Another vote for pausing. On mornings I get up early, I can’t get hot water in the shower while the rachio is running. Just need to be able to pause to have my shower and leave knowing it will carry on afterwards.


+1 here for PAUSE \ RESUME \ Zone bypass features

Any timeline \ update on these features?


@iGardenBB no updated right now.