Program for water restrictions

I am allowed to water Saturday and Wednesday from 12:00am to 10:00am and from 6:00pm to 11:59pm. Watering outside of the two days or those times can result in a significant fine. However, it’s frequently windy and watering when windy is useless!

Any programming suggestions?

Right now I have a manual program set to 3:00am on the two days I am allowed to water. I have turned on Smart Cycle, Water Budgeting and Weather Intelligence.

With clay soil and fixed spray head nozzles and Warm Season grass selected, the cycle times are set to 20 minutes.

Any other suggestions on getting the most out of the Iro - while staying within my watering times would be appreciated!

BTW - in North Texas…

Setup an IFTTT recipe for wind…

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@Shifty, good evening. Great questions!.

As @MaverickC2 noted (thank you!), IFTTT is a great tool for further leveraging the power of the internet with the Iro. We do have plans to integrate a wind delay, similar to our current rain delay in Weather Intelligence, into the watering time menu – however this will not take place in the short term. IFTTT is the best solution to this scheduling concern at this time.

Make sure you have the Weather Intelligence threshold for rain set to 1/8" – this will make your Iro skip as many watering schedules as possible. The only other recommendation I can make is to double check all of your zone attributes and make sure they are all correct as these are the perimeters the Iro uses to make scheduling decisions.

Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns with scheduling we can help with.

Best, Emil

Thanks for the feedback…

One more question. Before this month, we were on restrictions that allowed watering only 1 time every two weeks on Wednesdays. How would that be programmed? I don’t see those options, unless I’m missing it.

@Shifty, you can set this up using the interval option of every two weeks/14 days (see #6 in our Watering Time Features support article), or we could get fancy and use IFTTT, connected to a google calendar (for details, please see this support article: How to setup IFTTT with my Rachio)

Hope this helps!

Best, Emil