ProC to Gen 3

Havent been able to find another pro c with same wiring, so decided to create a thread to make sure i do it right.

All the red wires on the right are my zones + black is master. So they will go into zone ports and M. The two spare wires not hooked up, top one is another zone that is unplugged due to faulty circuit board and the one on the bottom i have no idea. But my system was fully operational without it before the circuit board burned out.

Sensor black/red will go into S1/S2? Do you guys recommend using this hunter rain sensor or leaving it out?

White com wire into C

Do i need any of the wires in the top left? I think the red/white/blue are for hunter remote from the installer.

The two yellow/green are the power adapter for the pro c? So i dont need them either?

Looks like you have it all figured out.

You are right about thick red wires, just mark the unused one at the bottom (feel free to try it with your new controller, but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t do anything).
Black is the master valve, goes to M terminal as you’ve said.
Thick white is common, goes to one of the C terminals as you planned.

Thin red / black rain sensor wires go to S1 and 24V - terminal (more info here). S2 terminal is for a second sensor, you should leave it unused at this time. In case you have a good weather station nearby, rain sensor is not strictly necessary, but they do not hurt and provide some peace of mind.

All of the wires connected to the REM, AC1/2 and GND terminals on the top left should be left unused. They are for remote and power as you’ve guessed.

Looks like you are all set for a smooth transition. Good luck and let us know how it goes :wink:



Thank you so much for the quick response!


Conversion was a breeze, ty!

Now onto the nightmare of configuring the zones settings!