Problems with Rachio + Android

Original Title: Android

I just purchased my Rachio Gen 2 controller. I read somewhere there was a problem using it with Android phones. Is this still the case? We are no longer IPHONE users. Please advise before I begin installation and can’t control the unit.
Have all bugs been fixed with setting watering times I read about?

Are updates automatically made to the controller over wifi once installed?
I’m replacing a controller that has 6 zones, 4 pop-ups, 1 motorized, 1 drip line.
Any tips/recommendations are appreciated.

Both Android and iOS are supported with no known issues.


If you have any questions after setting up your schedules please post them here.

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Hey @Rugbymikes! Going to change the title of your post from Android to Problems with Rachio + Android just to make it easier to find in case other users have a similar question.

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No problems where and we are a anti Apple household…

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