Problems with PWS info

I have a PWS broadcasting to CWOP and weather underground via weather bridge. My station shows no precipitation data recorded. The Precip is showing up in the graphs however so I am not worried about that. The problem is that the last 3 days, it appears that the IRO software is using the local NWS weather feed for weather info. I’m not sure why it is not using mine.??? Can you please have a look? Notice how on July 3rd it started using KHRX. Thanks!

BTW, my CWOP id is EW9322. My WU id is KTXHEREF8.

I think I found my problem. Findu is not receiving info from me for some reason. I will check it out when I get home.

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@woodmedic, were you able to get your PWS back online? We’ll default to the nearest NWS if the preferred weather station is unavailable as a backup station. I believe this is what you experienced.

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I was able to get my PWS back online and you are correct that the system defaulted to the local NWS station. I didn’t realize that the meteobridge was set to look for a static ip on my PWS which was still set for dynamic. We had a quick power failure which caused my observer module to get a new IP which the meteobridge wasn’t looking for. Everything now has a static ip so that shouldn’t happen again.