Problems with HomeAssistant Integration

I have problems with integration of Rachio and Home Assistant. I tried to get help from Rachio support but they referred me here.

I have a Rachio-C2036E controller integrated to HomeAssistant:
• When I switch a Zone on the Zone start: The “Sate” in Home Assistant however does not change and remain as “off”.
• When switch the zone off (stopping) I receive a Rachio message that the zone was stopped. Straight after that I receive another message that the zone was started and the zone remain on.
• When switching the “StandBy” or “Rain Delay” delay modes from Home Assistant the “state” remains the same in HomeAssistant and nothing changes on the controller or Rachio APP
• When changing a Zone picture in the Rachio App it does not change in Home Assistant.

The control of the Rachio controller from HomeAssistant is thus very limited. Any help with above will be greatly appreciated,