Problem with zones not working via app but work manually at controller: Rachio 3

Curious situation with my rachio 3. Haven’t see a post that answers this. If one exists, please point me there. Problem: I have 10 zones on Rachio 3. 7 of them work via the app. For the 3 that dont work via the app, the app behaves as if the solenoid is open and water is flowing. However, if I activate the zones at the controller by selecting the zone then pressing run, all zones work successfully. This means all solenoids are good and controller is able to turn weave zone on and off. It appears the app is unable to successfully control the 3 problematic zones. Anyone seen similar behavior? Thanks.

Possibly, there is confusion as to which zone name (that you use in the app) corresponds to which zone number (that you use from the controller). When you run a non-working zone from the app, what do the controller lights show?

If that’s not your issue, try running a non-working zone by logging in to . If that works ok, do whatever is needed to reset the app (try force stop first, then clear cache and storage, finally uninstall and reinstall).

If also can’t run the failing zones, try rebooting the controller by removing AC power, waiting a few seconds and plugging it back in.

If all of the above fail, call Rachio support on 1-844-4RACHIO.

Thanks Stewart. First suggestion very helpful. Turns out zones 8, 9, 10 in the iPhone app actually activate zones 11, 12, 13 on the controller. Same is true for I could just move the wires to the alternate terminals on the controller as a workaround. But is there a way to “re-sync” the app with the controller so zones in the app match zones in the controller? Note, not all zones have this issue. Zones 1-7 in app correctly map to zones 1-7 on the controller. It’s only 8-10 that are mismatched. I may try rebooting the controller to see if that helps.

In , go to the Zones tab, click Show Disabled at the top right, expand the window or shrink the scale factor so all 16 are displayed, post a screenshot.

I suspect that some zones may have been given names that look like zone numbers.

Thanks again Stewart. As you suspected, zones with wires connected but not operating were identified as Disabled. I needed to enable and rename (from Zone N to something else). Originally,
I had left all zones simply named Zone 1, 2, etc. I took this opportunity to given each zone a more descriptive name. It appears now that the system is behaving as expected. I appreciate your help.