Problem with Zone 3

I have a problem. Zone 3 for my sprinkler system is not working correctly. It often will not run, but will do so intermittently. I have it set up to run with my scheduled watering. It indicates that Zone 3 is watering and does its time. However the sprinklers do not water. Other times, it will work. I can’t predict when the Zone will work and water. I often have to start this zone multiple times manually before it will start. It is quite frustrating as that zone had new grass laid recently and I guess I didn’t notice that the zone wasn’t working correctly and some of the new grass has died. I’ve begun watering the area with a hose and sprinkler when I can’t get the zone to work correctly. Please advise.

Do you know the location of the valve for zone 3? If so, check the wire connections at the valve. It almost sounds like it’s getting wet and not working but then it dries out and works again.