Problem with iOS app while creating a Schedule

Hi everyone,

I have a problem with rachio iOS app. I can create or edit with android apps schedules by same account. But, when i try this with iOS giving connection problem at last step. When i’m starting manuel watering, it’s working.

Please help me about that:)

Thank you.


Sorry to hear you’re having difficulty. This is something the support department will want to try to recreate. Have you sent an e-mail to If not, please do so and include further details such as:

  • Email for Rachio account
  • phone model(s) & OS version (iOS / Android)
  • version of Rachio app

HINT: An easy way to have all this info sent automatically is to send feedback via the app itself. After logging in, simply click on top left for User Settings menu > Send Feedback > Report a Problem
This will send an e-mail to Rachio Support, so they can investigate and follow up.

Hope that helps!
~Lucas :rachio:

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