Problem Solved: Connecting Rachio 2nd Generation to ASUS RT-AC66U

FYI. After spending more hours than I’d like to admit trying to connect my Rachio 2nd Generation to my ASUS RT-AC66U router, I finally succeeded - albeit with an out of the box solution.

What didn’t work:

  • Following instructions.
  • Opening port 31314.
  • Changing my 2.4 GHz band to Legacy, or enabling B/G protection.

What I refused to do:

  • Disable my firewall.

What did work:

  • I set up a spoofed WIFI network via the hotspot functionality on my phone to pair the device with Rachio servers.
  • Then I turned it off and reconnected to my ASUS router.
  • Magically, all four lights lit up!

How to do it:

  • Make note of your router’s SSID and password (pre-shared key).
  • Turn your router off.
  • Grab a hotspot or enable the hotspot functionality on your phone.
  • Configure the hotspot with the same SSID and password as your router (that you turned off).
  • Pair a second phone or tablet with your hotspot.
  • Setup the Rachio via the second phone/tablet, entering the SSID/password for your hotspot.
  • Follow the prompts until all 4 lights light up.
  • Disable the hotspot.
  • Turn your ASUS router back on.
  • It should then connect perfectly - all 4 lights.
  • Finish wiring and complete configuration if needed.

_For the record, the firmware of my ASUS RT-AC66U at the time of this post was:

I’m guessing that this method would likely work when struggling with any other Apple WAC or Electric Imp BlinkUp device, but I don’t have any others.


Thanks for sharing. Sorry you had to go through this, I haven’t heard of any issues with ASUS routers, that is usually our power house (I have one at home and we used to run everything on one at work ASUS RT-N66U).

For anyone reading this, these are not normal steps, but using a hotspot is a creative solution.

This is only for Gen 1 :wink:

For only pairing this might help…

Were you using a Gen 1 or Gen 2 device? Gen 1 is blinkup, Gen 2 is the Apple WAC process.


There is definitely an issue - at least with this Asus model/firmware. I spent probably about two hours on with tech support, not to mention the other hours (plural) I spent reading message boards and trying different things. It was horrible. And it was Rachio support that suggested opening the port.

Just goes to show you how determined I was to get this thing running - because I’m excited about it!

It’s 2nd generation, I’ll update the note.


Thanks again for sharing.

Just curious, were you running a dual band or dedicated network that you were pairing to?

Also, I’ll PM you some Rachio swag, no one should have to spend that much time…most connections only take a minute or less.


Dual band, with unique names for both bands.

So one dedicated 2.4g and one dedicated 5g?


Ok, very strange. Well glad you are part of the community.


MAC filtering disabled, I even gave it a static IP to keep it from squirming around on me.

Agreed, and thanks, I’m glad I made it to the other side. It should be worth it. I’m already happy with it. I did discover a broken pipe on the maiden voyage though. : (