Problem Loading Data

I was trying to start a custom run when the app started failing. I expect the app Home page to load but it actually spins then reports, “We had a problem loading your data. Please try again. If the issue persists please contact support.”

I tried restarting the app, my phone, the Rachio, the Rachio WiFi, and still the error persists. I am able to update the device brightness but only sometimes. Other items that fails too. RSII reports -63. That would indicate a good connection except I don’t know if that’s live.

Help! What more can I reboot?

I’m also unable to chat with support. The little icons in the lower left that used to appear that would initiate the chat no longer appears.

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I am having the same problem. Done everything I can think of to fix. Reboot rachio and phone. Reinstalled app. This happened a couple of days ago to me as well. My iOS phone is fully up to date and all other apps work great. I can use my rachio through the web only right now.

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Judging by the number of reports here must be Rachio having server/connection issues. Nothing we can do until it’s resolved on their end

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i am having a similar problem. i assume that it is a network problem on Rachio side.

it would be nice if Rachio Support would post a banner, we are having problems right now.

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Shouldn’t the status page indicate there’s an outage? I’ve been trying to figure out what’s going on and checking the status page.

UPDATE: Rachio team has updated the status page. Thank you.

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I am having the same issue. Just saw the Tweet from Rachio. Glad it wasn’t just me. It has worked flawlessly for over 4 years.

Why doesn’t the status page report something? it seems useless. Right now I cannot access the app nor the website, just spins. I think someone better improve the status page.

Not to mention this is extremely frustrating to rely on a cloud to water my lawn. Time to implement a local server for me…

Is Rachio out again ?

Same issue here :confused:

Your schedules are still going to run as normal, even in an outage like yesterday. The only thing you can’t do is access to make changes at that time…

i am up and running today. Thank you for the support.

your local solution would still require the cloud. unless you do it all yourself.

I am having the same issues as of the 28th of June. No notifications on their website that anything is amiss. It all worked fine this morning and now the App is a blank screen. When I try to update from the website it says error updating schedules however it can read the schedules fine. It looks like they did an app update today on iOS. I don’t see any way to get useful information from the company and I don’t see anything on the status page. We just had our landscaper arrive for a paid day to help tune the zones and now we can’t control them. UGH