Problem Copying Settings Gen 1 to Gen 2 - App Crashes


I’ve had a Gen 1 controller for a few seasons and just purchased a Gen 2. During setup, when I am given the option to copy over my settings from the Gen 1, the app crashes. I deleted the Gen 2 from my account (and reset it), and the same thing happened a second time. I’m using the app on a Google Pixel XL. Will try again tomorrow on an iPad. I did send feedback through the app the second time it crashed.



I’ll have the development team review the Android functionality. If the problem persists with iOS (iPad) please let us know. If needed I can have the development team run the copy command for you without using the app :wink:



Worked fine using the app with an iPad. If you need anymore details about my setup let me know. Thanks.


Fantastic! Having our development team review Android. Glad it worked on iOS.




This has been fixed in our Android App released today 2.8-233.

Thanks for reporting this!