Problem connecting to WiFi Gen2 mesh network

I installed the Gen2 system this afternoon and still cannot connect the controller to my WiFi. I’ve verified that my AMPLIFI mesh system is running at 2.4ghz and have good signal strength at the area. The second light keeps blinking. I called tech support just for them to tell me that my WiFi signal is too strong and the system couldn’t keep connection??? I have several smart devices around my house with no issues whatsoever and having a “too strong” signal just baffles me.

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Can you run this network scan and PM me the unique code?


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What network tool scan? Are you talking about RoutThisHelps?

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Yes, it allows us to see your network topology and if any red flags to look out for. The instructions above layout how to run the network scan. If you provide me the code I can do some quick troubleshooting.

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I ran the scan and got the following code: K3VX6D9Q

Can someone help decipher. My unit is constantly going offline. This has become a royal pain.

@Cappinto - email the code to Only Rachio employees can see the resulting report.