Problem connecting Gen 2 with Android 9

Just finished installing a revision 3 controller. Im having problems with the wifi it gets to 3rd or 4th bar but never completes sucessfully. I see the device is attached to my wifi network. So I am wondering are Rachio servers down right now?

No, everything is normal status. Is there any error from the app? Are you using iOS or Android?


Using Android. Device is registered, but just says offline.

What version of Android? We are releasing a fix tonight for some Android 9 changes that affected the activation process. I can send you an early release build if that’s the case.


I have Android 9 on Galaxy 9+.

I also went through the troubleshooter in the app, which says it sent some information to Rachio support. Maybe something useful there…

Ok, I’m pretty sure its an issue with our app and Android 9. If you PM me your Google email address that you use for the Play store I can get you the latest build we are releasing tonight to fix this.

Thanks for your patience.


The fix has been released. It should be available in an hour or so through the Play store (build 13137) or I can try to fast track for you and get you on our Beta list. This is only affecting our Gen 2 unit.

Also, any iPhone device will not experience this issue.


I figured out the problem. I noticed in wireshark a bunch of strange ARP requests coming from the unit. It turns out I had a DNS server set as a WINS server in my DHCP server. As soon as I removed the WINS server everything started working.

Thanks for you prompt attention to get me sorted out.


Oh cool, interesting that was able to solve your issue. Glad you are activated and welcome to the community!


Why would the rachio device even care about a WINS server?