PRO TIP - When naming your zones, include the # of spray heads in the name

For example:

Front Yard East (12)

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This seems to break hands free operation with Google Assistant.
“OK Google, start watering Front Yard East.” no longer works.
Neither does “OK Google, start watering Front Yard East twelve.”
I tried several other combinations; all failed.

I don’t have HomeKit set up. Perhaps Apple is smarter in this regard.

Why? :face_with_monocle:

Hmmm … about a week ago I added the zone # as a prefix to each of my zones. i.e. “1: front yard outer”, “2: front yard inner”, … “8: backyard drip”, “9: front yard drip”, etc. Haven’t tested yet, but I wonder if this has broken my Google Assistant and/or HomeKit command support (I use both).

Why would undo that? What does it gain you? It gains me nothing…

I’d guess the parentheses is what is breaking the voice activation.

Here are a few other tips:

  • include the brand name of your sprinkler heads
    “Front Yard Rain Bird 1804VAN”
    “Back Yard Orbit Voyager”
  • include the distance of your spray
    “Front Yard Rain Bird 1804VAN 6ft”
    “Back Yard Orbit Voyager 3ft”
  • include the velocity of water squirts
    “Front Yard Rain Bird 1804VAN 6ft FULL FORCE”
    “Back Yard Orbit Voyager 3ft LIGHT MISTING”