Prevent 2 Zones Watering Back to Back

I have 2 zones (upper and lower front yard) that I would like to make them not water back to back during any particular flex cycle. The upper part of the yard slopes down to the lower and if they each run for 30 mins, the middle section gets awfully soggy. I have tried moving the 2 zones within the flex schedule to the top and bottom of the list, yet when it comes time to water they tend to be stacked back to back and then there’s a smart soak cycle stuck in between it proceeds to another zone. Is there any way to keep these separated with at least a soak cycle (and ideally move on to another part of the yard)?

What if you created two flex daily schedules with enough of a difference in start times that it allowed for a big enough soaking gap?


Certainly could, but in the current state I just use one flex for all the turf and another for the trees/shrubs so that I can utilize the “end before sunrise” feature since most of my yard is covered by rotors and by the time the sun is up the wind kicks up. Maybe I’ll just have to switch to one forcing to start at 2-3am and then just let the other one finish by sunrise.

You could reorder the zones in the schedule, and separate them, so other zones water between them .
under schedule, water duration,

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You mean like this?


Already tried that but didn’t see any effect on which order watering took place. For now I’ve split them into separate flex schedules but would prefer to keep all turf zones in a single flex schedule.

How about a well pump delay?

Interesting work-around, that could do the job…?