Pressurization time

Would someone describe what decisions are made at the end of the pressurization time specified ? I was initially under the impression that it was only for calibration, but at least one other post about a flow check made me think that perhaps you use it for normal operation ?

@azdavidr Pressurization is the time when we take a flow reading for calibration or leak/low flow detection during normal zone execution. There is currently only one point of detection. We do not check the flow rate after or before that time. We are currently discussing options for adding detection points after the settle time.


Looks to me like you’re stuck between a rock and a PR nightmare. I’m guessing if you checked flow every minute (or 5 or 10 minutes) the meter battery life would be drastically shortened. I see an aftermarket wired back plate for the flowmeter on the horizon.

I never understood how you could power a transmitter and measure flow for such a long time with such little battery power…now I get it. I bet there were many internal meetings on this topic.


Any chance of a solar attachment to recharge batteries in future / next design :slight_smile:


I like that idea.

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Make the impeller a small generator to charge itself. :grinning:

No moving parts :wink: Vortex!


Ok, a slight change of word then…

Make an impeller and make it a generator. :exploding_head:

Maybe a flux capacitor?

Spore Drive.

@azdavidr @Kubisuro @scorp508

We actually use llamathrust (LT) to power the flow meter. It currently requires 15 units of LT per day.



Llamathrust for the win! Anyone here ever use Winamp back in the day?

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Oh I thought that was SimCity. They’ve a llama problem too.

My inspiration. Amazingly he needed to ask the audience :smile:


I am enjoying this thread for a Friday afternoon this is great.