Predicted rain by my PWS

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My Rachio 3 has invoked a Rain Skip, because it says my PWS has predicted 0.41 inches of rain… How does it get this info? My PWS is in my back yard and it does NOT predict rain… is it getting the prediction from Weather Underground? If so, I am not sure… I went to WU and it said it was going to be dry, less than a 20% chance of rain with a total expected of 0.0 inches… so how did it come up with 0.41 inches of predicted rain? I am confused… this has happened several times… and I have NO idea where it is getting the prediction nor how I can correct it.

Anyone have any ideas on where this prediction is coming from and how to get around it?

We pull forecasted data from another service that uses your lat/long coordinates. It provides hourly forecasted data we use for weather intelligence skips. We use the PWS for observed precipitation.


Can I add to this question? Lets say the weather predicts rain so the rachio skips a day, but then my PWS reports that rain never happened, does it rain more the next day to compensate? How does that all work?

If we skip on a flex daily schedule and rain does not show up we will compensate the next day. For other schedule types we will not.


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