Predicted precipitation discrepancy

I have two schedules; one for plant perennial beds and one for lawn areas. The plants are a fixed schedule every M, W, F. The lawn is flex monthly. They were both skipped this morning due mainly to predicted precip. The next scheduled run dates are Fri for the plant schedule and Sat for the Lawn.

The predicted precip for the Plant schedule was 0.19" and for the Lawn 0.33". At first I thought this difference was due to the extra day until the Lawn next watering since it’s predicted to get precip through Fri. However, when I checked the email notifications about the skips, they clearly state that the predictions are for the next 24 hours and give a prediction for the next 48 hours, both of which are larger values for the Lawn.

So what gives here? Same weather station, same yard. Precip for the same number of hours for each schedule should be the same, right?

Hey @davelr-

What times did these two rain skip notifications come through? Do you have screenshots you could share? My best guess would be that the forecast changed in the short amount of time between the two notifications… Weather can be tricky like that :wink:

McKynzee :rachio:

Hi @mckynzee,

Sorry, missed your post earlier. I’ll try to include a screen clip of the Schedule updates. The prediction of 0.33" for the Lawn was at 3:12AM. The prediction of 0.19" for the Plants was at 5:13AM. Seems like a pretty big change in 2 hours, but possible I suppose.

Hey @davelr-

So it could be one of two things, this could just be the forecast change that happened within those two hours, or your weather station sent an incorrect data point. The second option happens very rarely, but I’ve seen it! I would keep an eye on it and if it continues I can reach out to our weather provider, but I would be surprised if you ran into it again!

McKynzee :rachio:

Could 2 days of expected percipitation be included since the next day for the lawn is Saturday, not Friday? I’m not questioning you just trying to gain more insight to the backend…

Hey @plainsane-

Rain skip always looks 24 hours back and 24 forward, regardless of the next scheduled watering. It would be cool if it looked up until the next watering, but then we start getting into climate skip/flex territory :slight_smile:

McKynzee :rachio:

Presh presh

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