Precipitation recording has gone wacko

Is anyone else getting strange results like this? Something has gone totally wacko with the PWS I am using and the precipitation amounts that Rachio is picking up. The station MID_FW2338 appears to have totally valid data. On March 6 it recorded .6 inches of rain, and on March 10 .3 inches of rain. But Rachio has somehow picked up more than 8 inches of rain on both days!!! What is going on??

It’s almost as if it’s added 8 inches to each day it recorded. I could buy the .55 inches on 3/6 and the .28 inches on 3/10 as being the valid data.

Luckily, I am just running in test mode with one zone since my system hasn’t yet come off of winterization, but I really want to get this resolved before it does.



I validated the data coming from our weather service is indeed reporting 8.28 inches for 3/10. That station must be sending bad data as far as I can tell :frowning: Is there another station close-by you could use as an alternate?



Thanks, @franz!! I appreciate you taking the time to do this. Yesterday’s data seemed to record correctly, but I’m going to change to one that is just .2 miles away from the one I was using, and continue to monitor.

Either my memory serves me wrong, or something has changed with the moisture level charts and reporting the name of the weather station? In the past, I seem to remember that once data was recorded, the moisture level chart kept the name of the weather station for that day that did the recording. But as I was going through testing different ones, I noticed that the names changed to the new one I was looking at all the way across, but that the only data that changed was yesterday’s precip data and today’s precip prediction. The old erroneous data stayed there, but it appeared as if the new station was recording it. Am I wrong in what I remembered?

Also, do you know any correct/good language I could use to let the owner of the weather station know that it’s sending bad data, since the data displaying on FINDU looks good? I just know that if it was my weather station, I would want to know that something was amiss.

The new system will persist observed data after a couple days, the legacy system was more dynamic but that led to other errors.

Pretty please? J/K, that wouldn’t be my strong area.

We are building something in regards to weather that I think you will be pleased with, stay tuned.



I am having a similar problem with precipitation data see Precipitation data - bad or substituted