Precipitation recorded not taken at the end of the day


The precipitation recorded in Rachio for the 19th April is 0.89cm, which was correct @ 11pm. It then bucketed down during the last hour of the day with the final precipitation reading for the day (@ 11:59pm) recorded at the PWS of 4.67cm.

My question is, is there a time zone issue here where it is recording the final data for the day at 11pm?




I had the development team review your moisture graph and it lines up perfectly with the precipitation data shown on PWS.

Let us know if we are missing something. Thanks and have a great night.



@franz It looks like there are different readings of the rain on that day on the PWS. The end of day summary shows 0.89cm which lines up with Rachio. In the PWS table @ 11:59pm it shows 4.67cm of rain.

So I guess the PWS is at fault.

Love the emoji!


For station readings if we are receiving correct daily totals everything should be good. Just let us know if you have any other questions. Have a great day!



you might want to check the timezone set for your pws.

A couple of weeks back, it rained a lot and the rain data showed up on PWSWeather, but for some reason it 0’d out from 11pm onwards. On further investigation I noticed that my pws was set for EST when I’m in CST, changing the timezone to CST fixed the issue