Precipitation Amount and Skip Options

Living in the Bay Area, the precipitation varies from one city to another. I’m ~6 miles from my weather station and rainfall in that short distance can vary. I’d like to be able to see how much precipitation my weather station has actually seen (maybe send an alert the day before a scheduled watering) and have the choice to skip that watering cycle. I’d also like the ability to adjust the window (24 hours or more on either side of the water day) that’s looked at to determine if it should water or not.

Basically, I’m asking for more flexibility and control. I don’t like getting an email, after it’s already watered, saying Rachio detected 0.12 inches of rain and my threshold is 0.125 inches. I wish I would have known so I could have said skip it.

Seems like a flex daily schedule should only make up the difference in watering and shorten it’s time but I don’t know if it’s that smart.

Flex daily doesn’t adjust the length of the run, only frequency. If it runs after a minimal rain, it will just push the field capacity above 100%, which will take longer for it to get back down below allowed depletion, hense longer interval between watering.

Thanks for clearing that up. I was wondering. How does a cup hold more than 100% of it’s capacity? Seems a suspect term they use.

IIRC, Rachio will show up to 109% max, so if you were to water to capacity, and a day later got 2" of rain, it will still only register 109%…

And the 3.0 update gave me exactly what I was looking for…thanks!