Pre-order Shipping

Hello! Just curious if anyone is aware of when the pre-orders for the Rachio 3 will ship? Patiently standing by…

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I was told by rachio on April 10th to tentatively exppect April 15th. No word yet though…


I called customer service today and was told that they expect to ship any day.


My Payment method was charged last last week so hopefully very soon!

My payment method was charged on March 27th, and when I contacted support about it they said it was a pre-authorization (it clearly wasn’t - the money was removed from my account), so I dunno that that’s a particularly good indicator.

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My payment method was charged on the day I ordered online. There is no way to check the status of the order or to find the shipping date, and so far I could not locate a support phone# to call and get status. Any update on timeline of delivery would be great!

My credit card was charged when I pre-ordered last month as well. And there is no clean way to go back and see your order status. Doesn’t inspire confidence.

Pretty disappointed I can’t view my order on their website to see what shipping speed I’ve selected. I contacted them about that yesterday, and was informed I will know what I’ve selected when the product ships. It shouldn’t be impossible to view that information or for someone to tell me. They proceeded to tell me that they will be shipping this week.

I just spoke with support. Since I have an installation scheduled for this weekend, I asked whether I should get a Gen2 instead. I was told that both units would probably both arrive on the same date. My interpretation is that they will be shipping Gen3 in the next 2-3 days.

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My day 1 preordered shipped today 4/17 for ground delivery on 4/20!

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I was getting worried because the website says both the controller and water flow sensor are saying May shipping now. I ordered the first day and have not received any notice of shipment yet.

Sweet! Maybe the rest will be put in the mail today for a Saturday delivery. I just bought a house and I’m looking forward to another smart home device and getting the watering on auto pilot.

as mentioned above my day 1 preordered shipped yesterday 4/17 for delivery 4/20. as another data point it was the cheaper 8 zone version so maybe it is just those shipping? i have a Rachio 2 that is 16 zones but i only have 8 zones and I’ve realized if someday I ever do make a sizable change to my sprinkler layout and add zones that changing out to the latest version available of the Rachio with 16 zones will be the least of my worries so I might as well save money right now.


I saw that too. Hopefully it means that the new orders are shipping in May and presale orders are all going out this month still.

Sure hoping that mine ships soon. I was NOT a day 1 pre-order though. I cancelled my original pre-order and ordered the 8-zone with flow sensor, so not sure how far down the list I’ll be.

Hi friends :slight_smile:

Here’s an update on preorder shipping!

-Lo :rachio:

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Not mid-April but still good news. I guess I’m hooking up my old controller for a while since I have a new yard with all new sod. Plus, I could have gotten the G2 but wanted the latest and the greatest. I only did my pre-order on the 10th so I’m guessing it’ll be a while.

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Dang it! I have a 16 zone Gen 2 because they hadn’t made the 8 zone Gen 2 yet. I only have 7 zones, so I cheaped out and bought the Gen 3 8 zone on the first day.

A couple of days later I decided it might be better to get the 16 as I may add some drip zones in the future. Took Rachio a week to cancel my order. Once they did, I ordered the 16 zone.

So I went from the top of the queue to the bottom… :disappointed_relieved:


So the week of the 30th, AKA May lol.

Some people have already received there Gen3 so can we believe anything about a shipping date from RACHIO?