Powering New Rachio 3

Just bought a Rachio 3 to replace my Hunter X-Core but I am not sure about the best way to power the unit. My nearest outlet is about 20 feet away from the unit so the cord won’t reach. The X-Core is plugged into the ceiling and is spliced to a longer cord running along the ceiling to the wall, to the unit and into the 24VAC terminals.

I’m wondering what’s the best way to get power to the Rachio now. I am assuming I can’t just do the same thing and put the power wires on the 24VAC terminals, so would I need to splice the Rachio power plug to them and plug it into the unit? Would it be easier to just get an outdoor enclosure (even though it’s all in my garage)?

@Viper81 - Just do the same thing with the Rachio power supply. Cut off the barrel plug end of the Rachio power supply with say a 6" pig tail and then splice in both ends of the Rachio cord with the white cord that extended the Hunter power supply.

DO NOT connect the Hunter power supply leads to the Rachio 24 VAC + - terminals as that can fry the Rachio circuit board.

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