Power Supply

So I dropped the Iro power supply and its toast… Where could I pick up a replacement? Thanks!

@gintasr, that’s no good :frowning:

We can hook you up with a new one. Shoot our support team an email (support@rachio.com) with your shipping address and we’ll get one to you this week.

Best, Emil

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You guys are awesome. Thank you!!!

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Very good services.

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I need a new power supply. I just received one from Amazon Warehouse and the power supply is not working. I tested with a multi-meter and it is producing no power.

How can I order one?

We can get a new one sent out to you no problem. Just reach out to support@rachio.com with your serial number and shipping information and they can handle the rest for you!

I chatted with Kaare Kulland right after I posted. He assured me a new one would be on the way.

Great customer service!

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Awesome, lad to hear it!

Hello, I´m from Czech Republic and my current power supply (gen2) is not working anymore. Where can I order new one? Could you please send me output specifications of the power supply(Wats,Volts,Ampers, Polarity)?


Here are the specifications:

Transformer Power Input: 120V AC / 60Hz
Transformer Power Output: 24V AC (1000 mA = 1 Amp)
Designed For 24V AC Solenoids
Power Supply: External Transformer (6 ft cord)
Power Supply Housing: 2-1/8" 3-1/8" x 1-3/4"


It’s AC,not DC. Trying to find the barrel plug size, but one could splice the old on onto a new power supply.

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I was wondering if I could cut the power supply cord and use my internal home wiring used for my previous controller? And, can I use the same power supply? The run is about 70ft long