Power Supply From Hunter. Can I use?

Hello. I’m a newcomer to the Rachio 3 community. Wondering if I could use the power brick and cable from the Hunter X-Core controller that the Rachio is replacing. They both appear to have the same power output. Thanks in advance for assistance.

Without knowing the specs on the Hunter wall wart, I couldn’t say for sure, but if you have confirmed the same voltage 24V AC, I don’t see why not…Is there a reason not to just use the one that comes with the Rachio?

Be sure NOT! to connect the the supply to the 24 V + and - terminals. These are for power output only and you will damage the controller if these terminals are used as inputs.

I thought I’d try to use the Hunter wiring because because it was neatly stapled to the wall. But I’ve decided to use the Rachio to make sure I don’t void warranty. Thanks for responding.

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I’m going to use the Rachio power box and cord and plug-in where directed. I did notice there are two yellow wires in the Hunter 24VAC terminals. Those come from the Hunter power brick.


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I would have exactly the same question. Today I got my Rachio 3, and I will change from my Hunter X-Core to Rachio system. I live in Hungary (Europe), here the output supply voltage is 230V, therefore the Rachio 110V factory power supply is not suitable for me. The Hunter power supply has 230V AC input, and 24V AC 1000 mA output power. I think, I can use the Hunter’s power supply for Rachio, but please confirm me, that I can use Hunter PS for my new Rachio 3. Thanks.