Power outlet question

I recently purchased a home with a Toro Vision(?) controller installed for my irrigation system. Multiple people have recommended replacing it with a Rachio 3 for various reasons, so I’m trying to work through the details of the install.

My existing system has 120v power running into it. It actually had an old school orange extension cord with the end cut off and wires wrapped around the terminals. That is all fine, since Rachio has its own (wall wart) supply.

My concern is that the only outlet in my finished garage is in the ceiling for the garage door opener. The existing controller is plugged upside down in this outlet. Logic tells me that I cannot just plug a wall wart power supply into the ceiling and expect it to stay in place.

Short of wiring my garage with more outlets (planned down the road), are there any clever solutions to this particular road block?


  1. Use an extension cord going from the outlet in the ceiling to somewhere where the wall wart is not handing from the ceiling
  2. It is possible the outlet will hold up the transformer
  3. Double stick tape
  4. plastic plumbers tape

@crakerjac - In a previous house that was the exact situation I had. The Rachio power supply stayed in the plug just fine upside down.

If needed the plug prongs could be slightly bent out to increase the static friction of the plug.

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