Power Outage, no longer connected to wifi

My Rachio 3 (12 stations) is fairly new (about 6 weeks). I have loved it…and it has helped a lot. Unfortunately, we just had a power outage which pretty much hit my “smart” home. I have had to reset the Xfinity Fi router, reset my Google Home Nest, rest my Nest Thermostat, and found out today (after missing its morning watering schedule) that it won’t connect to my Google Home nest, nor respond to the app on my smartphone.

Frustrating! I have rebooted it, waited for the white to blue…sometimes it blinks red, and my network does see it from my desktop pc…and from the google home app. BUT…troubleshooting doesn’t help. The power outage lasted about 4 hours. It has been around 100 degrees in my garage, where the unit is mounted.
What now???