Potential Calibration Software Bug

Hi I have a everydrop 1004-EX wired in to my Rachio 3. The wire was ran in conduit away from other wires in order to ensure that I was not receiving any interference. The wires are connected correctly; one wire in to S2 the other in to 24VAC- terminal.

A completed the wiring a few weeks ago and ran the calibration, everything worked great.

I went back today to re-calibrate the zones and while the calibration process runs- it indicates 0 flow. When I hit cancel, it shows the flow. (Pictures attached)

Is this a program bug in the apple app?

Somewhat related… I have the rachio wireless flow meter and it only shows the first bar of the calibration graph and then doesn’t update until the calibration period ends. Not sure when that started but I used to be able to watch it stream in GPM data in real time during the calibration session. Bug in the calibration routine @franz?

Here’s a video so you can see what I’m seeing. Rachio reports flow GPM in the first 15 seconds of calibration, which is always wrong because the system is still pressurizing, and then I don’t get another reading until calibration is complete.

The final calibration value appears accurate but it would be nice if the GPM bar chart filled out as calibration was happening like it used to.

ex. Let’s say I’m troubleshooting low flow. I don’t want to calibrate at the lower GPM value. I want that to stay at the baseline GPM value already recorded during a previous calibration. I would use the calibration process as I was tuning the system to check my progress towards getting it back to the baseline GPM, without recording a new baseline GPM.

I’m experiencing this exact same issue. I’ve been a Rachio user for years. We just got a brand new system installed and I upgraded to the Rachio 3 with the Everydrop 1004-EX. When I’m calibrating, it only shows the first flow point and not the rest of the calibration points in order to create the average. In years past when I used to have the Rachio Wireless sensor, this was not the case. I agree there is a bug in the calibration routine.

@dane, is this something that can be looked into? I don’t have a wired flow meter to test with, so I can’t confirm a similar issue…

Thanks for flagging this folks! To make sure I understand this, the end calibration result is correct, but the smooth line graph animation that demonstrated the real-time readings to get the average is no longer appearing?

For folks who are reporting this, can you send me a DM with the controller serial number that the flow meter is attached to so I can submit a bug report and include your info?


Yes, that’s correct. I’ve sent you a DM with the requested information. Thanks!

Thanks @DisneyFanatic4 ! I’ve submitted the bug report. To anybody else that comes across this thread, feel free DM me your serial number and I’ll add it to the ticket.

DM with serial # sent @dane . Thanks for looking into this.

Good news! An update was pushed out to correct this issue. Please update to version 4.4.6 and report back here if you have any further issues.