Poteential Buyer- Mechanical on off at control box?

I am very close to making a decision on purchasing a 12 zone Rachio. I’ve done extensive research including the Orbit and Rainbird alternatives and I think the Rachio is best for us. My only last issue is that my wife would like to be able to shut down watering from the box and show our lawn service how to do this from the box in case our wifi is down or we decide not to let them use our wifi. So it would be great if they or she could just do this mechanically from the control box that will be mounted on an exterior wall (where my current Rain Bird is now). Is this possible?


We love to hear that :wink:

Our generation 2 product has manual buttons to stop watering or run individual zones.

We also have the ability to share access to the controller permanently or for a limited amount of time (they won’t even need to install our app, it can be controlled directly through the web).


Hope this helps.



Thanks so much for the quick reply! I bought the unit and will install today… can’t wait to use the Smart Water features!


Fantastic, just let us know if you have any follow up questions or feedback.


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