Possible to "Smart Cycle" only a select few zones?

I have 10 zones, only a few of which are on a true incline. I definitely want to use the smart cycle on the hills so I don’t get too much runoff, but the other zones are really flat and I’m not sure they need the shorter bursts. With those partial cycles and a lot of zones, it takes a long time to get back around to cycle #2 and #3 on a particular zone, and it seems like some of that water probably evaporates off so I’m not getting as deep a soak as I would if I could just run a 35 or 40 minute uninterrupted cycle.

Here’s my question: Is it possible to just “smart cycle” a couple of the zones, but have the others run uninterrupted? It looks like it’s all or nothing, and I have to enable or disable it for both the flat and hilly zones, but maybe I’m missing something in the settings.

@lc1 The only current way would be to create two watering times, one with smart cycle enabled, one without it enabled.