Possible to install Rachio and keep existing controller

We are thinking about install the Rachio controller in some of our rental properties. We currently have the Toro TMC controllers installed. Using the Rachio would give us more flexibility and efficiency. The only issue we have is that the our irrigation maintenance contractor has everything in place to maintain all our irrigation system via the Toro controller (remote controlled so they can perform maintenance anytime they want).

That being said, I was wondering if both controllers can be installed/wired in parallel so both could control the valves ?


I am being told this should work…

We do support the concept of sharing access. Would this work for you?


Hi Franz,

Thanks for the quick response.

I would personally prefer to grant access to the contractor but they want physical access to the controller (would need to be installed outdoor - and have the possibility to turn on/off specific zones) OR they use their remote to controller our Toro controller. Most irrigation companies in our part of the country are mostly “old-school”.

I will probably order one for now and see if it can be done.

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One side note from our hardware engineer.

So there is an issue with the “Parallel Controller” thing. If they connect the plugs for the two controllers in opposite polarities they can burn out the valves quickly


Now I’m being told this will not work. Passing along this data from our team.

Set up a new email on Gmail that is just for your Rachio controllers. Give you contractor access to this account and have them use the app with iOS or Android. Install the Gen 2 controller in the outdoor enclosure made for it and lock it with a combination lock that only you and the contractor know. That way the tenants cannot access the controller or anyone else steal it.

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