Possible Rachio App Outage September 14th 2020

I cannot sign into the app on my phone or web browser. I’ve rebooted everything including my router and confirmed that everything else in my home is connected to internet. I’ve also tried connecting on just cellular data. When I try to open the web browser app, it just sits on the blank loading screen. Every time i try to open the app I get the message: “We had a problem loading your information. Please try again. If the issue persists, please contact support.”

Is anyone else currently experiencing the same thing?

App seems to be down for me. Web page hangs too. Seed drying out. :frowning:

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Same here, cant connect via browser or app.

@bsoneill, you can manually run from the controller, but yeah that’s a PITA.

Having the same issue here. App and Web Login not working, and I just had my lawn aerated and seeded today. It needs water!!!

Same issue here. I noticed mine this morning becasue it was irracticaly bouncing between networks and between APs in my mesh network. Very sporadic to get connected and stay connected. Decided reboot and that was my mistake. Took 2-3mins before fourth (4) light stopped blinking and even then I can no longer access it via the app. @franz

Same issue here using Rachio 3. I attempted unplugging controller as well as restarting the app. No luck. The last I checked the 4th light was still attempting to complete. I JUST HAD NEW SOD INSTALLED!! You got to be kidding.

Just got this response from Rachio:
Noa N. (Rachio)

Sep 14, 2020, 3:04 PM MDT

Hey there,

Noa with Rachio Support here, thanks for reaching out about this.

We are facing a power outage, the system is temporarily down. Thanks for the understanding, we should have updates on this soon.


Noa N.
Rachio Support

Same here. App wouldn’t open (couldn’t connect to server), app.rach.io wouldn’t get past login screen. By the time I set up an account to post, it just started working again. A server status page is a must.

Me too!

Power outage? No battery backup?!!?!?!

Thanks for all the info on your experiences here, friends. Updates will be shared here: Temporary Outage - September 14, 2020

All systems are now back up and should be operational. We apologize for any inconvenience.

@Geralt_z_Rivii How can I run from the controller?

Thank you @laura.bauman! And @bsoneill, you press the left/right arrows on the controller (left and right on the circle) to select the zone you want to run and then press play (bottom on the circle) to start watering. Press the stop button (top on the circle) to stop. You have to manually stop the watering if you do it that way, either via the controller button or the app, as it won’t run for a set time, it runs till stopped as far as I know.