Pool zone configuration?

Seems like this should be a simple problem for an irrigation expert but I don’t know where to start. I’ve read through a few “Pool” posts but didn’t really see an answer. Here’s the facts about my pool.

  • 450 sq ft of surface area
  • 1/2 inch daily water loss during peak summertime in Southern California (92507 zip).
  • valve fills pool at 15.6 gpm

What would be a good starting configuration to keep my pool at a constant level year around?


Doing the math – 450 sq ft times 1/2" equals 18.75 cu ft of water. One cubic foot is ~7.5 gallons. Multiplying 7.5 times 18.75 gives 140.6 gallons of evaporative loss. You would need 140.62/15.6 or 9 minutes daily to make up the loss.

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I realize I’m resurrecting an old post but now that gen3 is out any recommendation on how to configure a flex schedule daily pool watering with the values from my original post(above)?

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To refill a pool I would not suggest using a flex schedule as they rely on zone and weather settings in order to work properly, which a pool won’t really have. I would suggest a fixed interval schedule set to run daily. If the pool is starting to dip in level you could just manually run the zone for a few minutes. If the pool is getting too high you could lower the minutes a tad or disable the schedule for a day or so