Pool Controls

I just recently purchased your product. It is awesome. I purchased it so I control my irrigation system remotely.

I also have a pool with an old Jandy Pool Control System. If you could develop an interface module wired for contact relays to control the Pool Pump, Pool Cleaner, Spa On/Off, Blower On/Off, Heater On/Off and a couple of extras for features of Waterfalls, etc.

I would to be able to do it or design it with you. It would be a blessing to be able to control the pool remotely and already you have the software capability, a couple of changes and there is a new market.

Alan Kirshner

Jandy already has a product that does that, iAquaLink. I have one and love the remote access. If I am out for the day or evening and want to come home to a heated up spa, I can use the smartphone app to turn on the spa and heat it up. It also has a web interface to control the Jandy from your browser.

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You are correct. I just don’t know if it can sync with Rachio. Perhaps Rachio techs can look at the Jandy Aqualink and let you know for sure.

It would be nice or for Rachio build a plug in model. Jandy’s unit is about $600-$1000. I don’t know what the Rachio outputs can handle for current. Or I could build my own from the outputs not being used for my irrigation system.

I don’t see why a lawn sprinkler controller should control a pool. I have a raspberry pi based pool control system and the rachio. The only way they overlap is that the rachio has control over the pool filler valve and tops off the pool level every month as a way to prevent human error in turning the valve on and forgetting it.


Because it would be convenient. Basically the outputs could control the filter pump, spa and etc… All pool controls are basically outputs.

Not true for every scenario. Both my filter and cleaner pump have a panel on them and the only way to control them externally is using a serial communication port. Using relays or IO is not possible. There are so many variants with pool systems such as that and even what type of actuators are on all of the valves that there is no way they can accomodate every single or even make a universal control system.

And again i still do not understand why you would want to use a controller for watering your garden and lawn to control a pool filter pump , read solar data, control actuators on valves, etc. They would need to completely design and build a new system that controls the pool and doesnt do any garden or lawn stuff. Its kind of like saying “yes my car is nice and it gets me around but sometimes I wish I could take a shower so I wish my car had a shower and tub in it.”


It’s quite clear in your response about your system. However, older systems which are many, have much older systems manufactured by Jandy.

I could take one output to drive an relay starter for the filter, one for the cleaner, one for Spa on/off, one for Heater on/off, one for Blower on/off, and one got lights on/off. Everything is just Digital Outputs for, water fountains and anything else.

Plus, it would be nice to have one app for all household products. IE: Nest, WEMO, Liftmaster, NEO and more.

Also the new WiFi from Jandy is quite expensive.

Just set relays up on the end of the wiring from the Rachio (like a solid state relay), then set timers, or whatever you need on it in the rachio.

Then just click on how long you want it to be on for, or fixed intervals. Doesn’t seem that tricky to be honest.

I don’t think this will work because Rachio only allows one zone on at a time. You don’t want turning on your spa to stop watering the lawn, right? If Rachio implemented a multi-zone capability it could be used as a general purpose IO controller and do what is being asked. Without multiple simultaneous zones active this becomes a lot trickier because of the possible interactions.

I figured It out. A second unit with pump starters.