Please stop with the “Thrive” in your face on the app

New app update on iOS today 4.1.6

Thrive is again RIGHT in your face
Most users on here don’t use it. I know you are trying to make extra profit with this service…but leave those customers who don’t want or use it, alone already

For those of us who don’t use it, please give us the option to get rid of the obtrusive info!


Hey @gizbug!

Apologies for the interruption. I do want to clarify that this card is actually showing tips on how to care for your yard based on dynamic weather information and historical season data for your location. For example, you could receive a card that let’s you know your lawn may be subject to some cold stress and this card would help guide you through any tips relevant to that experience. I do believe that there is a note about Thrive in a few of these cards however. We’ve received a ton of feedback from customers that they want more guidance in lawn care – this is one of the ways we’re trying to help that. We always appreciate feedback so keep it comin :slight_smile:



On both Android and iOS, the Thrive card has three dots in the upper right corner. Tap that, select Dismiss and the card is gone forever. Don’t blame Rachio for showing an ad just once.

So you want to see a greater amount of useful information without having to scroll. For that, the best choice is a desktop or laptop computer. Second would be a tablet. A phone with its tiny screen would be my last choice.

If you chose a phone because you’re in the yard trying e.g. to adjust heads, the Play (triangle) button is always on the home screen, no scrolling needed.

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Look at the photo i posted again.
There are not 3 dots in the upper right corner.
And its showing ads more than once
If I click on Thrive on the bottom, then I click the 3 dots, my options are “View Instructions” and “Cancel”


Sorry, I don’t know what’s different on your system. I had 4.1.5 (did not auto-update); it showed the Thrive card which I could dismiss. I just visited the App Store and updated to 4.1.6; the card did not reappear, even after logging out and in again.

This seems to be a bug that affects only some users.


I also am finding Thrive being advertised too much. I strongly object to it taking up one of the main tab stops on the iOS app at the same level as Home, Zones and Calendar. It should be in the more menu if it is to be anywhere at all.

I have received 17 emails from Rachio pushing Thrive. This is rising to SPAM level. I know you offer Thrive and don’t need to be reminded so often.

Please put that effort into some software updates that would allow those of us with two controllers to program them as one or the ability to simply tell Rachio that we want more or less water at a zone or the ability with a Flex zone to say not to water on Thursday mornings as that is when the lawn mowers are here…


On both Android and iOS, I see a “3 dots” menu in the upper right corner of the Thrive card; I can select Dismiss and the card is not shown again. However, there seems to be a bug where some users aren’t offered this menu. Obviously, this bug should be fixed. I don’t find it objectionable to see an ad on the home screen, provided that it is shown only once.

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I’m having the same issue on v 4.1.6 of the app. The only options I see are the “View Instructions” and "Cancel "(although I had already dismissed the card on a previous version of the app). Sadly, I’ve been so inundated with Thrive marketing emails that I had to completely unsubscribe from all Rachio emails to stop it. As I don’t have a lawn, it’s of no value to me.

Rachio can tell whether any of your zones are selected as grass/lawn. Maybe if a customer doesn’t have any grass zones selected they don’t send them info on Thrive?

4.1.8 came out on iOS today. So far it seems like they listened to the complaints

Latest update has the card back, front and center

For me the … only has “wrong information” in it. It is really, really annoying that you can’t dismiss this advertising. If they don’t fix i will consider ripping out all three boxes have and replacing. Also, my lawn/sprinkler guy is so confused by the app

You probably shouldn’t have told him that Rachio has a mobile app. Just have him visit in Chrome (Android) or Safari (iOS). It’s very straightforward and ad free. Unless you are using one of the features that doesn’t appear on the website, you may also find the web more convenient, because it works the same as in Windows, Mac or Linux. In your mobile, you can save the site to your home screen and think of it as the ‘app’.