Please put zone # or name in quick-run notifications

We had our system turned on this morning. It would be nice if these were more informative. :slight_smile:

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WOOHOO! SPRING IS HERE! :slight_smile:

What other information would you be interested in seeing here, @scorp508?

I can’t think of anything else in that particular scenario. At least not at this moment.

Really would love to see zone numbers since I can’t find them anywhere. Never wrote the #'s down so running quick run to find the # (or look under advanced settings in “Yard”) would be nice. I wanted to swap a zone recently but wasn’t obvious how to figure what zone # on the Rachio was controlling my lawn. Didn’t feel like looking at the valves for wire colors :-p

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I’d prefer the name but at this point I’m not even sure why we get the notification!

I installed sprinklers with a Gen 3 controller last fall. I will be starting it up for the first time in a week or so. Is there anything I need to be aware of when I do this?

Another year and the same ask for the same quality of life improvement.

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It looks like the information is available as it is here in the run history.