Please make zone photo viewable in full and make it possible to add more than one photo per zone

  1. Each of my zone settings has a photo of the zone with red markings indicating the location of each sprinkler head within the zone. This helps identifying zones visually, which in turn streamlines miscellaneous troubleshooting when needed. But more often than not, I find myself needing to see the attached photo in full view, rather than the crop view set by Rachio aspect ratio. Currently there is no way to see the full photo that I took with my phone. Please make it possible to see zone photo in full uncropped view.

  2. Several of my zones have sprinkler heads quite far apart from each other within each zone, which makes it impossible to capture all of the sprinkler heads within each zone in a single photograph. Please make it possible to attach more than one photo per zone.

An example photo of a garden zone with red markings:

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Great idea. Wishing the “yard map” was more flexible too. I probably would use the color of each sprinkler signifying available angles and distances.

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