Please add wiring label stick ons as part of the product

I am a newbee Rachio user. Installed it 3 days back. During installation, I thought I have master valve wire called out based on text on the wire. Once I disconnected all the wires, I found many other wires having same text. I had to try different combinations to finally find the master valve wire to properly configure the system.

Instead of adding a note on the install paper about marking each wire, how about shipping color coded labels (text labels) as part of the product? Then customers can use them to to mark the wires before pulling them out. That would be better experience then expecting impatient users like me to go find those stick on labels. I was so excited about the product, I didn’t care to mark the wires correctly.

It took me 4 attempts before the blinkon process worked. I had to shut the garage door down to make the room dark. Then it seemed to help. I wish there is a small lcd console that shows help message of the status instead of figuring things out based on led colors and how fast they blink.

Great suggestion, will make sure our product team @benblackmer get this. I can definitely see the value.

Noted as well, always looking for a way to make the on-boarding process easier.

Thanks for the suggestions and have a great day!


I’d like to suggest that you label the terminals themselves. On an 8-zone unit, why would the #1 zone not be the one next to the Master? Spent 20 minutes on that one!