Planned Service Outage

We will be having a planned service outage at roughly 11:30PM MST. The outage should not last longer than 10 minutes. We will post when the outage starts and when it is finished. Infrastructure upgrade(s) happening.



Ha! You guys will upgrade the servers flow meters :joy::laughing::see_no_evil:Good luck with the upgrades.

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We are using some very sophisticated AWS tech and happy to say there wasn’t even an outage :wink:

You should notice a measurable boost in app performance.

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Great job @franz - just update my app and noticed the different when it’s boost up good stuff brotha.

Major boost! I almost posted something last weekend. I was trying to do some quick runs to check the throw of my newly installed heads and I kept getting the spinning wheel of death. I said screw it and manually ran the valves. Seems WAY better today!