Phoenix, AZ: Need Referral for Irrigation Troubleshooting

Poured a lot of time and money into our landscape and irrigation, but everything planted slowly dies. Installed the Rachio, and still have the same result. I would like to hire someone from the Rachio community that knows this product thoroughly to come out and spend time to make sure the setup is correct and that all the emitters are sized properly and the runs to the plants/trees are balanced and correct.

If you’re a hobbyist with Rachio, but know what you’re doing, that is fine too. Please let me know. Thanks!

You can check this link for your area and find a local Rachio Pro that can assist you with your needs.


Perfect! Thanks for the link–I reached out!

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I’m glad it worked for you. I’m hope that others will benefit from the same link as it can be used to find your local pro in any area.