Personal Weather Station- Which AcuRite 5 in 1 is best?

Hi Everyone!

I understand that I need a 5in1 system but was hoping to get a specific model recommendation.
Here are a few I’ve come across. Prices range from $115-$200. Perhaps someone knows if you get what you pay for and more $ is better?


Good question! Let’s see what the community has to say.

I can only speak from my own experience but I do think price matters. I usually couple this approach with reviews to get a complete assessment.

Please share with us what station you went with and why, if possible.


Thanks! I will call AcuRite Monday for some guidance. On their website they must have 20-30 models and their differences are not clear. Hopefully I get some direction and I will definitely circle back to share!


I’ve run an ambient ws-1090 for a few years and just recently switched to a Davis vantage vue.

The difference is night and day - well worth the money.


I’d be interested to hear which version you end up with. I’ve been looking for a wireless version that automatically connects to the Internet without having to be connected to a computer.

Thanks for responding! Do you happen to know which Vantage Vue? I’ve come across model 6250 (approx. $320) but I know there are several others. Thanks again!

Sure, Davis does some strange things with their model numbers to denote bundles and the station w/o the console and such.

The 6250 is the complete bundle with what they call the “integrated sensor suite” and the console.

You would also need what they call the data logger - which plugs into the back of the console OR into their wireless weather envoy. The logger is usually sold bundled with their PC or Mac weather software.

I went with the 6250, a weather envoy and the logger and used software I already had (weather snoop on a mac) and am very happy with the setup. The advantage the envoy gives you is that you can have the console in the house somewhere, and use the envoy to connect the station to your computer for transmission to weather services.

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I spoke with AcuRite. They recommend 5in1 model number 06014M ($90) and Internet Bridge model 09150RM ($75). They said that will feed directly to WeatherUnderground.

Now for the challenge of getting to a format Rachio will recognize as a PWS. Very conflicting information on the Rachio site (some say Meteobridge & dlink, some say, some say & WeatherSnoop (Mac only- which I don’t have)). Wish me luck!