Personal Weather Station Missing

This past Saturday night I wanted to review my Personal Weather Station that I had selected last year. I went into the setting and found that the station was no longer there on the map. I thought maybe it was a glitch in the software, so I selected the next closest station to my address. I then went back to select my original station and found that it was indeed gone. I kept the second closest station and check again the next day and saw that my original station was back available. So, my questions are this:

  • Was the station unavailable due to having lost power or the owner temporarily disabling it?

  • What happens if a station you’ve selected goes unavailable at some point? Does the software then select the next closest or does it default to a National Station or the Weather Network?

Could have been either or both. Either way the station is no longer on the network.

Rachio will pick another local station if it goes offline. I think it even has the ability to change if the station has not reported certain readings (rain or wind reading for example) in a while.

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