Personal Weather Station doesn't show up

I have added the weather station here, but it doesn’t show up after 3 days now on the app… can you help me?

What version of Rachio controller are you using? Gen 1 or 2, Gen 2 from Costco or Gen 3. What network have you added your station to? Weather Underground, pwsweather or CWOP.

Knowing these answers, we can better understand what is happening.


Thank you, Gen 3 and is the station ( Netatmo)

I see Netatmo no longer supports WU, as far as I can tell. I’ll see what I can do for you in that regard (pull data from netatmo/pwsweather and push it into WU), but meanwhile you’d need to use another station as Gen 3 only supports as a source.

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:frowning: ok

Any update? Can I have PWS published into WU?

As I understand it, Gen 1 and Gen 2 work with and wunderground, and Gen 3 is wunderground only.

It would be great if Gen 3 could also work with as well as wunderground. Both to support stations that can’t report to wunderground, and people who prefer PWSweather to wunderground.

I hope you can submit that as a feature suggestion, thanks.

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I was able to have it online now as in IALCAB2 on WU… but still doesn’t show up on Rachio…

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I see it here online:

Great to see you got your data to WU, any tips you wish to share?

After the station first shows up on WU, it may take 3 days or so for it to show up as a choice within Rachio.

It Wasn’t active on the meteo site… added the id and it became online…

Glad to hear that WU is still supported, this post (link) threw me for a loop.

Yes i saw un suported anymore :frowning: