Paused zone, now incorrect run time/moisture level?

After running for a little over an hour today, I was surprised to see that my back yard zone shows 3% moisture.

This history is correct. Back Yard started watering at 5:45 AM (verified with security camera). I paused it for fifteen minutes at 6:48 AM to let the dogs out <thank you for this feature!!>, and it resumed at 7:03 AM, completing at 7:18 AM.

If I click into the Back Yard zone, today (TUE, 4/23) only shows a 15m run time:

And if I look at the details of the zone, it only shows 0.06 for today. The nozzle for this zone is set for .30/hour.

If the zone truly did run for a bit over an hour, it should show more Irrigation than 0.06, no?

@aristobrat Thank you for reporting this. I will have our engineering team investigate and let you know their findings.

Thanks again for reporting this issue.


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