Pause watering?

I’m looking to use IFTTT to pause watering while we’re showering. I have smart things, and would have a motion sensor in the bathroom to catch us waking up. If motion in the bathroom, pause watering schedule for 30 minutes. It would work like a rain delay, but it would not cancel watering, only hold it for 30 minutes, not a day.


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@obmd1 Interesting idea. Is there an IFTTT action to disable a zone ? If so you can disable/enable them to effect a pause.

I don’t believe pausing is available with IFTTT, this is the list of the IFTTT triggers:

The irony of the possibilities being truly limitless should not escape us…:frowning:

Hi @obmd1, at the moment, we don’t have the ability to pause a zone. It’s always a skip. Hope to release something like this in the future, but we don’t currently support it.

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I too would love this feature. It never fails that my back yard zone is watering when I need to let the dog out before I go to work. I open the door, and she just looks at me like I’m crazy. I don’t want to skip the whole zone, just pause for some period of time (5-10 minutes), and then resume.


Since Rachio already monitors the weather and will skip the upcoming sequence if above a set forecasted threshold, the system should be able to take weather data (from the same station) and determine if it is raining and stop the system. All the information would seem to be there?

Last night we had scattering thundershowers so no defined precip was predicted. However, after the Rachio started, we received almost .25" of rain. It would make sense that the system would stop as it is already polling the weather.

Having a separate rain sensor with the sprinkler system seems superfluous.

A rain sensor is not superfluous if you do not have your own PWS. Even when one is 2-3 miles away, you may or may not get rain when they do. So it definitely helps in the case where you got it and the PWS didn’t.

I’m not talking about a rain sensor. I have a rain sensor. I’m looking to pause watering while I am IN the shower, not FOR a shower. Although I could put a rain sensor in the shower, and then…hmmmm… still I need to pause the schedule for 30 minutes. I’d have a motion sensor in the bathroom or tie it to a light switch through Smart Things. But the schedule needs to pause, not skip.

Oops, @obmd1! I just did a reply and it didn’t make it clear that my comment was for @jphcar. I’m fortunate that I my irrigation is on a totally different meter and line (now a requirement for new irrigation systems in the Charlotte area), and that I don’t have a dog right now. But I am in total agreement with the usefulness of a pause! I hope they are able to add it in.

I also have been thinking this would be an outstanding addition

I’ll throw my hat in the ring for a pause feature!


I also want a pause feature. When the system is watering I can’t get hot water in the shower. So I have to manually stop and then run all zones manually to complete the schedule. I want a pause for 30 minutes like the person above mentioned.

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I’d like a pause feature too. I’d like to be able to get to my shed to grab something without getting soaked.

I’d change my watering time, but with all the new growth in my area, there’s only really good water pressure in the early evening. So currently I have to wait twenty minutes for my two backyard zones to finish to go get something, where with a pause button, I could run out, get my bike and let the sprinklers go on their merry way.


Would also greatly love a pause feature. Since if the backyard is running, and the dog needs to go out, currently would have to stop the whole system and restart which can wreck havoc, otherwise the dog will get soaked playing in the sprinkler or sick from drinking too much water from the sprinkler. Since a pause hasn’t been added over the years and seems like a common need, imagine there but be some reason Rachio has chosen not to ever incorporate it, unless I’m missing something? Would be great too if it was a 3D Touch option so when you 3D Touch on the app Pause Watering is an option. Currently Rachio is one of the few apps on my phone that however doesn’t yet support 3D Touch.


Oooohhhh I like the 3D touch idea, that would be super cool @ChrisC


We have both the dog and shower issues. A button on the app one couold tap to pause the watering for 5, 10, 20, or 30 minutes would be great! Or a “pause until restarted or 30 minutes, whichever comes first” button.

It’s surprising this request has been hanging out here so long.



Any update on the pause feature or 3D Touch? Both would be welcome additions to the API and app.

I’m looking for a way (via IFTTT?) for Rachio to pause watering, for say 10 minutes, in the front yard if my Ring Pro (doorbell camera) detects motion or if someone rings the doorbell. Both Ring and Rachio have IFTTT channels so I think this might be possible??

Hey @jocamero-

This feature is definitely a high priority for us, but unfortunately I can’t give any dates. The IFTTT trigger you set up will stop watering, so if it occurs early in your watering schedule the rest will not be completed. Hope that helps!

McKynzee :rachio:

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I know its already been stated that this feature is a high priority, but I thought I would throw my .02 out that this would be an extremely desirable feature. I just bought my Rachio (arriving tomorrow), and I was surprised this isnt possible. I’d really like to be able to pause the system. Ideally - I would love to be able to pause only if a specific zone is active (IE - if my back door gets opened and zone 2 is running, pause… if front door gets opened and zone 3 is running, pause… but say back door opens and front yard/zone 3 is running… dont pause. I’d be perfectly satisfied if it simply paused the entire schedule as well)

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