Pause system for number of days

Maybe I’m missing something and have the Rachio set up incorrectly, but we’ll have rain for several days, say with 3-4” of rain, and a couple days later with the area still saturated, the Rachio comes back to normal operation but watering saturated soil.
Why not have software in place where on can pause the entire system ( know that already already exists) but you set how many days before it comes back to life. I turn it off but have to remember to turn it back on, say in a week or so.

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It’s already part of the application. Click Schedules at the bottom of the app. There are 2 tabs at the top. One says Schedules and the other says Calendar. Click on calendar. Look just above the line across the bottom and you’ll see Water Delay. Click that and you can choose how many days to delay.

That is EXACTLY what I was asking for!!!

Thank you for pointing this out. Fastest software update request ever. Lol