Pause/Resume Feature

I’d like to see a pause and resume feature. It would allow users to periodically pause a watering cycle for a multitude of reasons and then hit resume without having to wait for a watering cycle to complete. Right now if I have a problem in my system or have a need to just stop the watering cycle I either need to wait the cycle to complete. I’m not even sure I have the ability to stop a cycle in the event I find a problem, for example a “broken and blowing” sprinkler head. My ages old Rain Bird controllers had this feature and it was came in handy on a numerous occasions.

Use your smartphone (or Amazon Alexa) to stop the currently running zone or put the rachio in standby mode. You can start a schedule again or restart all schedules from you smartphone.

rachio is designed to be controlled using a smartphone/tablet or a web browser. It is not designed to be controlled from the rachio unit. To me that was the one of the main features of the rachio. I no longer have to go to my garage to start or stop a zone. Fixing, adjusting and testing sprinklers is so much easier and convenient using my smartphone.

My old rain bird controller had a switch to cancel watering but did not pause watering. But I agree a pause/resume function would be nice.

I agree. I would like a pause feature that would, when started again, continue the cycle from where it left off. Sometimes when the system is running I would like to take a shower with full water pressure. As it is, I can stop the cycle to take my shower…but lose the rest of the cycle. I just want to pause it, not stop it.