Pause or Skip Zone

I haven’t had to use the app in a while and I was surprised to see how much more complex it’s become. Last night I had a broken sprinkler I could hear gushing against the house, so I opened the app to skip the zone. I’d done this before because kids used to play with our sprinklers and they’d hit our bedroom at night and wake us up. So I opened the app. There used to be a “now running” button at the bottom of the system was running. You could click it and see how many minutes were left and had an option to skip that zone. But it isn’t that easy anymore. It took about 5 minutes, while the system continued gushing, before tried a Quick Run, which then warned me that the system was running and it needed permission to skip the current zone.

Why is it so complicated now? Is there an easy way to see where the program is on the cycle and skip a zone and I am just missing something obvious in the app?