Pause Enhancement

My first season with the Rachio. From history I see there was previously many request for Pause a schedule/zone which seems to be implemented- however, it would be great if once I click ‘pause’, if it would instantly paused rather than prompting a dialog box for how long (15 min, 30 min, etc.) I have one zone which the grass always grows over the heads and it takes time to locate them and get them to pop up. It was great this year that I could shut off the zone, poke at the grass, and start the zone all from my mobile versus running back and forth to the garage. However it was still frustrating that it took multiple clicks while I was getting sprayed.

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Are you saying you want to just click to pause and click to resume? I would find that useful at times. Other times, I like the 15/30 minute & 1 hour, but find that is not enough choices all the time (maybe 5 minutes, 2 hours, and 4 hours . . . or why not just custom and remember the last used custom time).

I’d like to see a “Click to Pause” and “Click to Resume” option as well, and while you’re at it a “Click to Cancel” option, too. While troubleshooting my drip lines I found some leaks that required some time to repair. Having a cancel option would have been helpful.